Monday, February 17, 2014

Ginger ale and a Glad Heart!

Buenos dias mis amigos!!!!

I had quite the week! Sorry, but this will be a somewhat long one today!

First of all, remember that guy Mark that we met in that little store last week? He's amazing! We went with Sister McKee on Tuesday to go see him and had such a great visit! We discussed the restoration of the full Gospel of Jesus Christ through the prophet Joseph Smith and it was so wonderful! Mark compared this event to a lot of things that happened in the Bible and realized that if God truly is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow- then of course He would call a prophet in our day! He has been reading the Book of Mormon and loving it! He has such an incredible understanding of the Bible and so he loves how the Book of Mormon just flows with it! They truly do support one another and they truly are both testimonies of Jesus Christ! We had a lesson with him over the phone last night and he is just such a cool guy! We are learning SO much from him as well! He works at the donut factory here in town and invited us to come and stop by sometime :) I love donuts. I love sharing the gospel with people like Mark!

Our Relief Society has a book club and guess what book they read for the month of February?? The Power of the Everyday Missionary by Clayton Christensen of course! We were honored when we were asked by our dearest Sister Fears to lead the discussion during their meeting Tuesday night! We didn't have the BEST turn out because of the weather but it was incredible! We started off talking about the book but ended up talking about our ward and how we can better help the members that we have and how we can be better member-missionaries here- it was amazing! The sisters had a lot of really good questions and they came up with a lot of things that our ward can be doing to be better. This book is SO powerful! It not only inspires us to be more involved in the work and gives us examples of how but we also can receive revelation for the specific area that we live in and what we need to be better at or change! I encourage all of you to read it! There was a little picture that I saw on Facebook that said "If you're too busy to be praying and reading  your scriptures, then you are much busier than God intended for you to be." I would like to change that to..."If you are too busy to share the gospel in some way or strengthen the members of your ward, then you are much busier than God ever intended for you to be!" Brothers and Sisters, now is the time to open your mouths! Now is the time to do what you can to build up the Kingdom of God! Get to work!

We had the incredible blessing to go and attend the temple on Wednesday. We were so excited that morning- it was more exciting than Disneyland! It was exactly what I needed. We only go every 6 months as missionaries and it always comes just in time! I love the power that the temple has to rejuvenate me and give me the strength to keep going! I went to the temple with a lot of questions for Heavenly Father and I found a lot of answers. I am so grateful for the ability that we have to receive answers through prayer in our day to day lives and also in the temple. I am so grateful that we have the opportunity here on earth to make covenants with God- just like in the times of Moses. I am so grateful for the peace and the love that we feel as we come to the Lord's house. 

We had some really exciting plans for Valentine's Day but I had to ruin it all by getting the stomach flu! Blah. I have not been that sick in YEARS! Yo queria estar muerto! We were supposed to have dinner with the cute Kinley family and then make crafts with the girls but instead they came over and dropped off some herbal remedies for me and some soup for Hermana Stricklin- they are the nicest! We watched every church movie we had in our apartment! I was out all of friday- most of Saturday and a large chunk of yesterday. I am finally starting to feel better. I tried eating lunch yesterday and that was a mistake! Toast and jello it is for the next day or so! Sprite and gingerale have been my best friends all weekend. Thank goodness for saltine crackers too! Thank goodness we have facebook and telephones so we were still able to share the gospel in some way this weekend!

We were able to teach 3 lessons in different member's homes this week and it was so incredible. Lessons in member's homes are the greatest things ever because the Spirit is already there! I hope you member's realize how lucky you are to have the Spirit dwell in your home. We have a friend Irma from Peru that is friends with members in our ward and when we had dinner with all of them on Saturday night it just felt so natural as we talked about the gospel, I loved it! We almost didn't go because I looked like a joke and wanted to die but once we knew Irma was going to be there it didn't matter! The Lord took care of me and I felt a lot better during the time that we were there! We had a dinner of white rice and rotisserie chicken- thank goodness because it was actually something I could eat! Afterwards we watched some Mormon Messages and were finally able to share a Book of Mormon with her. It was crazy because that's not something we planned on doing at all but the Spirit kept telling me that we could not leave until we shared a BOM with her. She had SO many questions and I know it's what we needed to share with her that night.  I love this work!

We have some really exciting appointments this week that I can't wait to share with you next Monday! Keep Mark in your prayers-he is so ready for the gospel!

I know that this gospel is what brings us true happiness, I know it is what unites our families not just in this life, but in the eternities. 

Hermana Knight

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