Monday, April 7, 2014

Conference and the cat's meow...

Hello everyone,

Did all of you watch General Conference this past weekend?? Of not, get onto and watch it! If you did, get onto and watch it again! Member of the church or not, I promise there will be something in there for you. There will be something that will help strengthen you personally and strengthen your family. There will be something in there that will be your Father in Heaven talking directly to you. You will get peace and direction. I promise you because it has done that for me.

As I was listening to the morning session of Saturday this morning, I was overwhelmed with gratitude. I am so grateful that God still speaks to us through His modern day prophets and apostles. The world is becoming increasingly dangerous and corrupt. That is why we need, more than ever, God's guidance and strength through the words of His prophet. I am grateful for the hope that comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ. The hope that of we do what is right and live in harmony with Christ's teachings, all will be well.

I am grateful for my mission, it has taught me so much about myself, the Savior and my Heavenly Father. This week we have worked really hard and have seen countless miracles. One night we took the bus down to an address that didn't exist and as we wandered home, wondering why we were led down there, we met a woman who just honestly needed a hug.
I knew The Lord had sent us to her to bring her comfort, even if it was just for 5 minutes. A few more blocks down we met two teenage boys. One of them looked at us and said he was confused about religion and wanted us to teach him. We will be visiting him this week and he is coming to church on Sunday. Just because we went to an address that didn't exist! We had 3 investigators come to Conference- all who we had just met within a week n a half! One of them has a date to be baptized!

We taught Elvin for the first time on Friday night and when we asked him that if he knew these things were true, would he be baptized? He replied, "I know it's true! I just want to go to your church first and see what it's like!" We were like ya please! So he came to conference yesterday morning and loved it. The Lord loves this area and there are so many people here that have been prepared for the gospel. I feel so lucky to truly be an instrument in the Lord's hands.

We went back to see Walaa and her cute family from Iraq this week and her aunt had passed away from a blood clot so her mother was very upset and crying. We were able to translate to them once again that families are forever and that they can be with their aunt and sister again. We sang God Be With You Till We Meet Again and once again, the sweet spirit swelled within each of our hearts. Walaa moved this weekend and we are going to cook her lunch in her new place this week.

Our members here are amazing and truly understand that it's not only us who needs to work hard to see the work grow. The Santiago family explained to us that they need to be obedient and they need to do their part if we are going to get a Spanish group started here. I was so blown away by their humble hearts and their desire to work hard along our side. We are having our first FHE group this Sunday and we are all very excited! Directly afterwards I will be performing with the mission choir for our first Easter performance. An Elder in our mission has arranged a beautiful arrangement of hymns and songs for us to sing and we ran it all the way through and our Mission Mom, Sister Andersen, sat watching with tears in her eyes. The spirit is so strong as we sing of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and that He lives!

That is my testimony today. Our Savior lives. He loves us. He will always be by our side.

Hermana Knight

 Awesome banana soda someone gave us!
I had an exchange with this awesome sister- sister Oldham, she's going home in 2 weeks so it was so awesome to get to serve with her for a day!
That's Sergio from Hopkonsville the day he was confirmed! I couldn't be there so they took a picture of me on the iPad and him to prove that I was there in spirit!
 Waiting for our bus!
Below: Our new ward mission leader, brother Linderes is awesome and drove us and our investigator to conference on his way cool rv van! It reminded me of the one Rita had! Those are the elders in our ward too.
 More pictures in the van! That's our investigator Adony- Elvin's brother. That was my happy face- I was so excited for conference and to have Adony with us!

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