Thursday, January 24, 2013

Haley's first letter!

Hola mi familia y amigos!!!!
I'm alive! I made it a whole week with only a few breakdowns!!! So, the MTC is totally Mormon Hogwarts, I love it!! Everyone has their own houses(zones) they belong to, there is endless amounts of food in the cafeteria, one of the elders in my zone has a potions class during meals when he goes and makes everyone weird drinks from the juice and soda fountains, we get to leave the grounds and go to hogsmeade (the temple) once a week and we have defense against the dark arts sometimes! When I first got here I was totally freaked out because the second after I said goodbye to my family I was in a class where there was a strange man speaking only spanish to me and they told me that the redhead sitting next to me was my companion- so weird! I had a breakdown my third day because the language was not coming and I had no idea what my teacher (who's amazing!- Hermano Zuzunaga from Peru) was saying to me and it was very frustrating. BUT the I'm finally starting to understand a lot and I can somewhat teach a discussion en espanol now! Third day here they gave us an investigaor and we had to teach a discussion in spanish- WHAT??? we've now met with him 5 times and through a lot of struggling and frustration we finally learned to just go in and trust that the Lord will provide and he WILL. Our last discussion was beautiful and I truly felt the spirit guiding me and I was able to say what I wanted to say in Espanol. Please pray that I'll be able to pick up this language in 6 weeks! Hermano Keller is one of our resource teachers and he's actually the Smithson's nephew! He's great- Everytime he walks in I just think about how much I love the Smithsons and how much I loved being Sister Nelson's visiting teacher for a month! I saw Johnny Slagle once and I freaked out because seeing someone you know here is the best thing ever- it just brings such comort for some reason. The fireside and devotional this past week were amazing and I feel so blessed to be here with all of these willing and excited young brother and sisters who have so much hope in the Savior and in His work. I feel so united- it's a very powerful feeling. My companion is Hermana Olson and she has bright red hair and always has a funny story to share....always :) haha. I really love her and I LOVE the other hermanas in my district, I room with the two 19 year olds and they're so innocent and adorable. There are 6 Elders and 6 hermanas in my district and the rest of our zone is allllll Elders! They're so nice and so funny. One of the Elders- Elder Lloyd pretends to be really shy and will have his companion make random anouncements for him in our class like- "Elder Lloyd will not be able to speak to any of the hermanas during lunch today" or "Elder Lloyd will be available for a Q and A during lunch" and then we'll have a Q and A with him and he's hilarious. I love everyone in our zone, I feel so lucky to be working with such amazing people. I EAT SO MUCH!!! I've finally taught myself how to calm down and not grab everything I see. I ate bowl of cereal after every meal for the first two days and soon realized that it wasn't probably the best idea- thank goodness sisters get gym time. Waking up early surprisingly hasn't been too much of a struggle- we actually wake up at 6 everyday because 30 minutes is NOT enough time for sisters to shower and get ready! We got to go to the temple and do a session at 6:30 this morning and it was amazing- such a beautiful way to start the day. I am so grateful for P day, I definitely needed a day to just calm down and take time to wind down because you seriously are go go go go go go go go all the time everyday- I still haven't figured out how to fit everything in yet, it's definitely a balancing act. The first days were so so so hard and I was truly humbled in so many ways and I was discouraged and I missed you all but I feel really good now and I feel like I have the hope and faith I need carry on! I had the most simple but profound thought the other day in my studies that totally helped me put everything into perspective- When Christ was atoning for our sins, he must have thought about each and every single one of us- because he knew all of us before any one came to earth and he LOVED us- and I truly believe that because of his individual and powerful love for every single person, he was willing and able to withstand the pains. At some point he thought about you and he thought about me, he knew of my weaknesses and he knew the things I would struggle with and he wanted to prepare a way for me to be made clean again through his sacrifice because of his love. I hope and pray that someday I will have this kind of pure love, I know it's hard in these mortal bodies. I hope that all of you will think of that love and strive to have that love for Christ and for others. I believe in this work and I believe that if I am faithful and I trust in the Lord that he will use be as an instrument in His hands. I am so grateful for this gift that he's given me. This mission is such a gift.
               Love you all!!!!!!!
                           Hermana Knight!
 I need to hear from all of you!!!! You have no idea how good it feels at the end of a long hard day and Elder Larson hands me a sweet dear elder from my mom- it's the best! Please please please write me through dear elder whenever you have a free moment! I would love to hear from you! My departure date is 2-25 and the mission or box # is 266. Also if any of you lovely people would like to send me treats or random hair accesories or lip stains, I would be SO grateful ;) I can't email anyone but my fam so please send me dear elders or letters through the mail and I promise to write back!!! :)

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