Friday, February 22, 2013

Bon Voyage MTC!

Hola loved ones!
     How did I last 6 weeks here? What's happening? Is this real life? Well, according to Elder Holland, this is the realest my life will ever get. We watched a talk Elder Holland gave in the MTC a couple months ago and he is just one of the greatest people ever. EVER. He said that often times we as missionaries feel like this isn't real life and we can't wait to get back into the real world, but he said that this IS the real world, this is what life should be like and we are so lucky to have these 18 months or 2 years. We will NEVER be more like Christ or closer to God. I feel so lucky to be serving the Lord at this time in my life, I know that I will never ever have this opportunity again and that makes me want to work so much harder.

     One tender mercy this week was because I chipped my tooth on the weird cafeteria food and had to go to the dentist. I finally got an appointment for Tuesday and as I was filling out paper work I saw the date and was like oh my goodness, it's my Pop's birthday! Then right before they started to work on my mouth I asked if they were going to call my pops to let him know what they did and the nice dentist man told me that I got to call him!! So I got to call him and wish him a happy birthday and that I had a filling replaced :) I felt like the luckiest Sister in the world!

    Let's be honest, I can't wait to fly out on Monday! The only part of the MTC I'm going to miss is having Devotionals and Firesides weekly and my teachers. My teachers are so incredible and I feel so lucky that our district was blessed with them. They are so passionate in the Lord's work and are so good at pushing us to be better in a very loving way. They have humbled me so much and have taught me to have such a fire within my soul for this work.

    We had a lovely Devotional this week, Elder Christensen of the Seventy and his wife spoke. I was especially impressed with Sister Christensen's words. She said that we need to think of humble and obedient as being one word- they go hand in hand. Christ came to this earth and He knew that ALL things would come unto him if He was truly humble and obedient. Brothers and sisters, I want to share Sister Christensen's observation with you: WE are "all things." Christ did what he did because He knew that if he was completely humble and obedient to our Heavenly Father that all things (we) would come unto him again. How great is this work that I get to be a part of. That I get to help all things come unto the Savior. That I get to feel myself come closer and closer to Him. The only way we can come closer to Christ is if we lived as he did, if we are ALWAYS serving others and sharing the love of God in all things that we do and say. It is my testimony that all things are possible with Christ. All things. IF we have the faith and the trust in Him. Trust that He can perform miracles on our behalf but also trust in His and Heavenly Father's will. As long as we keep an eternal perspective and remember that all will be made right through the Atonement after this life, nothing can really seem that bad or that sorrowful. So have hope, have joy, have faith and have trust in your Savior.

    I love you all so much and next time I write I'll be in Tennessee!!!!!

Con Amor,
      Hermana Knight

P.S. Now is the time to send me dear elders before I leave!! I LOVE hearing from all of you so much so try and find some time to send me a little note before Saturday ;)

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