Monday, May 6, 2013

Out of the Ditch...

Brothers and Sisters,
 This week has been so incredible. The funny thing is, I didn't realize it until last night! I didn't think that a lot had happened this week until we called in our numbers and had to actually look at what we had done in total. It's incredible the miracles that the Lord blesses us with and it's incredible to me that I don't even see them half the time! We have come to find that there is a lot of Spanish work to do here. We had 8 new investigators this week - 6 of them being Hispanic! We are teaching two different families (who we just found out are related!) who are from Guatemala. They are ancient descendants of the Indians there- they even speak Ke-chea (?), the ancient language there that is slowly becoming extinct. They have such a love for the Book of Mormon. We've only been able to visit them a couple of times and read a few chapters with them but they absolutely love it. It is such an incredible gift to be able to share this book with these people and be able to look them in the eyes and tell them that this is a record of THEIR people. This is a record of their testimonies of Jesus Christ and a record that He did not forget them. I feel so lucky to be serving in the Spanish language and have the opportunity to teach the kindest most humble people here in the South. There is definitely need for us here! It feel so amazing to be able to say that and KNOW that because I have felt so lost these last few weeks! I feel like I'm finally out of the ditch that I found myself stuck in last week!

Do y'all want to hear something hilarious? I wrote President McKee last week about the car and how truly sorry I was and his response was that he was wondering if I needed a booster seat. I died when I read it! He is such a funny man and is so thoughtful. I am SO lucky to be serving under him and his sweet wife Sister McKee. They are truly incredible people. And our Assistants are amazing, and the senior couples who work in and run the office. I really am serving in the best mission ever!

I don't have much time because we're cutting out P-day in half so we can have a zone sports day after our meeting wednesday but I wanted to share a miracle about a couple we met:
Last monday we had a bunch of plans to go visit people but the moment we stepped outside after dinner I felt (NOT strongly) that we should go knock an apartment complex by where we live. We saw a Hispanic woman going into her home in one of the apts and when we knocked we came to realize that she was actually Indian from India and she was busy but invited us to come back another time. Next door we knocked was a sweet woman who had no desire to listen to us. The third door we knocked this man answered the door and as we were introducing ourselves his girlfriend walked up behind him and had the strangest most confused look on her face. They welcomed us in and they explained to us that they had literally just opened up a letter saying that they were being evicted in 48 hours and were just about to start fighting when they realized that arguing wouldn't get them anywhere. So they calmed down and then they heard a knock at the door- us! There names are William and Arisha. William had a lot of questions for us and Arisha kept saying that it was a miracle that we knocked on the door because she didn't know how to help him. We resolved his concerns the best we could about some things in the bible and then we taught them the Plan of Salvation. The Spirit was so strong. They revealed to us that they had both lost their jobs a couple weeks ago and which is why they were getting evicted. We went the next night- the night they were packing up all of their belongings. Within ten minutes of being there they received a call from their landlord threatening to bring his lawyers if they weren't moved out by the next morning. In the midst of all of this, all they wanted to do was sit down with us and hear our message. The Spirit was so strong as we spent an hour sharing with them the message of the Restoration of the Gospel and what blessings and comfort it can bring. They are so incredibly humble. I cannot believe that with all of their worries they chose to spend an hour with us to listen to and feel their Savior's love through these two young girls who they had just met the night before. They don't have a phone but we left them with our phone number. We hadn't heard from her since Wednesday and were getting worried but we received a call from her last night and she gave us the address of the motel they're staying at. We are hoping to go by tonight and visit with them. Please keep them in your prayers. They are such incredible examples of humility and hope in our Savior.

The Lord is preparing His people to hear of His truth and we are the ones to help bring them to the path back to Him. Please please choose THIS day to serve. Choose this day to open your mouth and share the beautiful message of hope and peace with everyone you see. I promise that the Lord will give you the courage and opportunities to be an instrument in His hands if you pray for them and have faith. I love all of you so much.

With so much love from Paducah,

Hermana Knight

P.S. I have received a lot of emails or letters about my address- my address stays the same my whole mission because the mission office will forward all of my mail to me. Their address is:
105 Westpark Dr Ste 190
Brentwood, Tn

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