Monday, November 11, 2013

Are these Barbie dolls or Sister Missionaries?...

Hello! I am now in Hopkinsville Ky and I LOVE it!!! I still miss Paducah and the people there but Hoptown is so amazing! The members are amazing and the people that we teach are amazing!

My new companion is my twin! Hermana Carrell and I were a little nervous to be together because we both heard that we're a lot alike but it's been a dream come true so far! We're the same size so we can share clothes and we like the same things and we think the same way so we're pretty much BFFs already! Everyone always asks us if we're twins- 4 people asked us this week so far. Our ward mission leader calls us Mary Kate and Mary Kate. (Neither of us wanted to be Ashley. Mary Kate all the way!) Someone in our ward asked if we were Barbie dolls and I laughed so hard. Then he gave us pieces of candy out of his pocket- this really is the promise land! 

Hermana Carrell and I teach pretty well together so far. It's so natural and I think our investigators are very comfortable with us so that's been a huge blessing of being together. She goes home next transfer so I'm pretty bummed that we only have 5 more weeks! We naturally bought matching duck dynasty night gowns which we're wearing right now as we email! 

There is an army base about 30 minutes from here and on Saturday our ward mission leader Brother Polluck took us down with them just past Nashville to do service. We worked with Habitat for Humanity who builds homes for people who are less fortunate and in need. It was such an amazing experience! We were working on a home for TG, a woman from Euthiopia. We got to do a lot of painting and we had to dust down the whole house before which was a lot of fun. We were able to give away some pamphlets and Book of Mormons to the men we were working with and invited them to church. It was a day I will never forget!

I need to share something that was SO INCREDIBLE! Sister Weldon, who is a member here, called us up and asked if we would go out with her on Thursday morning. She has REALLY caught the wave and is willing to do what she can to share the gospel! She took us door to door in her neighborhood and shared her testimony, shared a card with her link to her testimony on, introduced them to us and then invited them to church- it was AMAZING!!!! She was a little nervous at first but the more neighbors we talked to the easier and more natural it became! Everyone was super nice and everyone thanked us for coming by even if they weren't interested. We met two new investigators and one of them was Spanish! It was such a testimony to me that we truly need to be working side by side as members and missionaries. The Spirit was SO strong and I know that this is the best way we can be sharing the gospel. I hope you are finding ways to go out with the missionaries and introducing them to your friends and neighbors!

I love you all so much! I love being a missionary, it is the greatest thing ever! I love this work! I hope and pray that you will find ways this week to become more involved with it and feel the happiness that it brings!

Hermana Knight

 Photos of Sister Carrell and me

 Members of the Paducah branch before I left
 With Sister Anderson from Paducah

 Sister Larsen and me

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