Monday, January 27, 2014

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Hola mis queridos familia y amigos! 

This week has been full of tender mercies for me! First of all, I finally had a subscription for antibiotics called in so my bronchitis is finally getting better! We had some incredible conversations with some new convert and less active families that we love so so much. One family said that they were kind of questioning whether the church was still true but last Sunday Hermana Stricklin and I had the pleasure of speaking about the Restoration during Sacrament meeting and he said he felt the Spirit confirm to him again that this is Christ's true church. He also had another experience in Sunday School with God answering a question he had. It is SO amazing to watch people grow and learn to love this gospel and know of it's truth. Another family that I LOVE LOVE LOVE is also doing really well. My favorite friend here who hasn't been to church in years and has felt that God doesn't exist has been praying this past week and I don't know if she realizes it quite yet but God has been answering her prayers and showing her that He is there and that He loves her. Best thing ever to witness! 

We had a fun little exchange on Wednesday where Hermana Stricklin went to Clarksville for the night and Sister Gibson came to our area and it was so fun! We had a great Spanish FHE that night and our new member here, Lilia, gave a beautiful lesson about enduring hard things. She referenced the talk in the January Ensign, Finding Nemo and then she played clips from the movie UP. I don't know if I should have walked out of the room or not at that point because technically we can't watch anything but church movies but I just considered it a tender mercy and balled like a baby through the ten minute clip. I LOVE the example in that movie of the couple enduring some really hard things, but in the end when Carl is sitting by himself, feeling SO down on himself and he begins to look through his wife's old adventure book. He gets really sad as he thinks about how he was never able to take her on her adventure to South America but he finds something so sweet. He finds that she had put pictures of their life together behind the page that says "Stuff I'm going to do" and said thank you for the adventure that they had together. It's then that he realized that she didn't need that trip to South America and even though they suffered through some really hard trials together, they had one another and that was an adventure enough for Ellie. I love this message that teaches us to truly count our blessings and that Heavenly Father places people or things in our lives to overcome hard times. 

After FHE Sister Gibson and I were hunting down a member that we didn't know and wanted to meet and as we found the address and knocked on all the doors, we realized no one was home, so we began to leave. Well, as I was backing up another car pulled into the driveway up to the house next to the one we were knocking. The woman in the car got out to see if we needed help and she told us that the person we were looking for wasn't there anymore. We began talking about her a little bit and she told us that her and her husband just got married in September! Immediately I felt prompted to ask her about vows- way random. But as we talked about them I asked about the "Till Death Do You Part" and how she would feel if their love could last longer than that. She cutely replied that it would be awesome because her husband is her best friend. We were able to testify to her that God has restored that power to seal her and her husband for eternity, not just for this life. The Spirit was so strong and we asked them to pray about that and to ponder about what that would really mean to them and if it's something they would want. We left them with our phone number and I'm hoping to hear from them soon. This experience was such a powerful testimony to me that the Lord will truly put His words into our mouths as we seek to share His gospel. 

Sister Gibson and I stayed up till like 1 in the morning just talking about anything and everything. It was so fun! I am so grateful for the opportunity to have exchanges and get to know other Sisters in the mission and feel of their sweet spirit.

We had an awesome dinner with a member and her husband who are expecting a baby. We had a lovely dinner and afterwards they brought a game for us to play- they LOVE games! So as we played Clue, we were able to better understand this husband's concerns about the church and as we talked more and more about it we realized his concerns were more from not knowing the truth. So it was so neat to be able to tell him what we really believe and watch his heart and mind grow more and more open to our beliefs. We had a wonderful visit and he made some comments about he hopes that we can come back- miracle!

We had a cute 80 year old come out with us on exchanges and that was so fun- I love when members want to come out with us! We also had a successful Spanish movie night- our member brought her friend and it was so fun! 

Our Spanish investigators are doing so well too! We had a really good lesson yesterday with two roommates who had so many good questions and so many good insights about what the true gospel should teach! Also, our friend Sergio is doing so well! He is so amazing! He has still been reading in True to the Faith and the Book of Mormon! And he understands the commandments so well and is willing to live them! "The law of chastity is going to be hard, but I can do it!" or "I can't drink coffee anymore? Okay!" We feel him getting closer and closer to baptism every week so keep him in your prayers!

Welp, all in all, I had a marvelous week and I LOVE doing this work! Something I have felt this week is that there is nothing else that has the power to help me feel of God's love daily and truly inspire me to accept my weaknesses and want to change as does the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It's real.
I hope you can feel that this week.

Love y'all!

Hermana Knight 

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