Monday, January 20, 2014

The 1 year mark of my mission! Bronchitis & the Book of Mormon

Amazing Coca-Cola advertising in Hopkinsville, KY


This week has been strange because I seemed to have caught the monstrous Bronchitis and I've been kind of out of it. Spending your nights awake hacking up stuff is not helpful as a missionary! It's hard to feel productive at all when you have to sleep in or go home early because your body hates you. I feel like the worst missionary ever! It's been getting a little better everyday so hopefully I'll be back to my normal self soon!

This is "ARCHIE" the annoying bird I talked about several weeks back.  He's always tapping on our apartment window looking for something or someone....finally got him on film...

We had a wonderful visit with one of our less actives this week. She took us downtown for lunch and showed us around. I have really come to love and adore Hopkinsville. It's precious!

Another less active taught us how to make Spanish rice and I'm super excited to make it when I get home. I'll pretty much be a pro cook when I get home because there are so many amazing cooks here that I've been learning from!

My One Year Anniversary was on Thursday and it was super weird but super great! We had a Zone Conference that day and had some truly amazing and inspirational trainings by President and Sister Andersen, the Assistants and some other missionaries. It helped me gain more of a passion for this work- kind of like gave me a second wind! That night we had homemade pizza from scratch with the Kinley's and then we had an incredible scripture study with them in the Book of Mormon and Brother Kinley pointed out some really beautiful things that I have never noticed before. Afterwards we went out to their field and Brother Kinley started a fire and shot my old skirt and shirt into the fire with some kind of fire gun to mark my one year! I love watching people blow stuff up- awesome day!

Hermana Stricklin and I gave talks about the Restoration on Sunday and we were pretty pleased with ourselves since we had like 4 days notice and NO time to write talks! I'm grateful for the Spirit and how it directed us and helped us know what to say. I have such a testimony of the Restoration of the gospel, priesthood authority and true church of Jesus Christ through the prophet Joseph Smith. I am so grateful for this message of love and hope!

We were able to read from the Book of Mormon a lot with our investigators this week and it always amazes me how powerful this book truly is. It causes us to have a change of heart and it causes us to have better and greater desires to come closer to our Heavenly Father and our home with Him.

Sometimes I get really homesick for my home with Heavenly Father but I am so so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ that helps me stay on the straight and narrow path back to Him. I am grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and His Atonement that allows me to be made clean and worthy to return to my Father again.

I love y'all so much!

Hermana Knight

...bye y'all for now...

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  1. Congrats on the one year mark! They always say that's the hardest. So glad to see that you are doing so well. You look healthy and happy, that's the best! Keep up the hard work. See you around!