Monday, March 11, 2013

Hi, I am in love with Tennessee and Chickys....

Us before walking to the library

Us after walking in the rain to the library- ha ha

Hola! This week has been so crazy! We got a call Monday night from one of the assistants telling us that we were getting a new companion! Sister Miner is waiting for her visa to go to Argentina and I love her so much! I freaked out when I saw her because we were totally four square friends in the MTC and she is hilarious and loves to laugh just as much as I do. We laugh all the time about absolutely nothing and it feels so good. We had to give the car to the Elders this week so we may or may not have walked 3 miles in the rain to get to the library and I was laughing so hard because Sister Miner doesn't have a hood and she was just soaking wet and didn't even care because we stopped to get donuts and everything is okay in her world if she has a donut in her hand.  I never want her to leave and I want to be companions with her and Hermana Hendrickson forever and ever. Good thing we still have 4 more weeks!
We have done a lot of work with the non active members in our ward and branch this week and it's so amazing. They have the most amazing and humble spirits and it just makes my heart hurt that they don't have the desire to come back yet. We visited a member who hasn't been to church in 4 years on Saturday night. He lives with his sister and their family who are really strong members. They're all from Guatemala. He was super welcoming and kept telling us that he would always listen to the missionaries because he served and knows how amazing missionaries are. He told us that we were the only people in 4 years to ever visit him. I got the impression that other people in the ward had tried to visit him but he wasn't as welcoming to them. We had an amazing conversation with him for about an hour-I was crying half the time because he has had the craziest last few years and has been through some really tough situations. BUT his testimony is SO strong still- he doesn't think it is but it really is. You could see that he was fighting a battle within himself. Before we left I asked him if he would pray about coming to church and that if he felt prompted that he would listen and act upon what the Spirit was telling him. Yesterday when I walked into the chapel for the Spanish Branch my heart lept out of my chest when I saw him sitting with the rest of his family! Such a miracle! His brother-in-law is my favorite person ever because he always gives us Chickys whenever we're over and they are our favorite treats ever. They're these little biscuit cookies covered in chocolate or strawberry from Guatemala and I just want to eat them all the time. Good thing we're walking this week ;) There are some non active members who keep promising us they'll come to church and then every week they don't come, it breaks my heart. We're having Noche de Hogar (FHE-Family Home Evening) tonight with one of the families and I am really excited.
We're meeting with the Adeeb family again this week because they missed our appointment last night. Keep them in your prayers- they are so ready for the gospel. Keep Vicky in your prayers too- she's having a really hard time believing that we have a prophet on the earth now. We might have to say bye to her this week :( because she isn't following through with any of the commitments we've been leaving with her.) Keep her in her prayers- pray that she'll take the time to read in the Book of Mormon on her own. The Book of Mormon is the most important thing we have to share with others. I challenge all of you to hand out one BOM by the end of the month. Prayerfully think of someone you can share it with or pray for an opportunity to be guided by the Spirit and share it with a stranger. I'll go more into why the Book of Mormon is such a power in conversion next week but right now my computer is telling me my time is up.
I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH!! Danny, I am SO excited for you! You are going to LOVE being a missionary! Trevor- don't be weird or awkward and please grow your hair out! I'm so happy you're home!
 Hermana Knight!
P.S. if any of you have time send me treats please!!!! We could always use more treats!
Aunt Julie, thank you for the beautiful cards, I love them so much!!!!!!!!
ALSO: They just officially changed the rules and I am allowed to email ANYONE now as long as it's not an Elder in my area! yay!
p.s. the pics are of me and hermana knecht on valentines day eating a valentines donut and then that's my class and my teachers- my district in the mtc that I miss so much!!!!

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