Monday, March 25, 2013

Holy Goodness!

 (This is me and my new bike-thanks Dad!)

 (Me and my new haircut)

Well hello dearest peoples,

      This week has been sooooo wonderful! My favorite story is that last week we were biking up this beautiful country road and I got really tired so I decided to step off my bike and walk it up the rest of the hill and when I stepped off my skirt got stuck on the seat so I kind of fell over and as I went to catch my fall, my backpack- that was full of scriptures and BOMs- fell over to the side of me causing me to fall completely on my back and I just looked like a turtle stuck upside down on it's shell- I was sprawled out in the middle of the road laughing my head off with my companions coming up behind me wondering what in the world was going on. Good times. 

The old catholic couple we're teaching, Rosie and Donald, are so adorable. They totally remind me of Mr and Mrs Potato head from Toy Story. I love them so much. Donald has now read the Book of Mormon twice within a week n a half but still isn't sure about it- we think he's waiting for Rosie to gain a testimony of it before he says anything. They love each other, it's so precious. Donald has health problems and hasn't been able to come to church and he won't see a doctor so please keep him in your prayers. We brought over our favorite Brother from the ward- Brother Kinney- to one of our lessons and it was amazing and such a hoot! Brother Kinney and his wife served a mission here two years ago and loved it so much that they moved here. Brother Kinney was raised Catholic and didn't convert to the church until 20 years ago. He is a hoot n a half. Donald was telling us that he should have died several times throughout his life but that for some reason God has kept him here and then Brother Kinney looks at him and says "Donald, he kept you here because you're supposed to get baptized into the church before you go!" I was so happy, I love Brother Kinney's boldness! We're teaching them again on Wednesday and are going to watch 17 Miracles with them and are hoping Donald will have enough faith in the Lord to commit to coming to church this Sunday!

We had interviews with President McKee last Friday and it was such a treat! I honestly believe and know that I have the greatest kindest most inspiring Mission President in the whole entire world. He is so wonderful and is always so full of joy and he always leaves you just feeling so happy and so inspired. 

Last Wednesday night as we were planning, Hermana Miner felt like we needed to plan for 15 lessons taught the next day and we were kind of like hmmmm I don't know but if you feel like we can do it, then let's do it! So we were super pumped Thursday to go out and teach and we ended up teaching the longest lessons ever with our two investigators and so we had only taught 2 before dinner. After dinner and checking on another investigator- I felt like we needed to go over to this one apartment complex that we've been to once before. We got there at 6:50 and just started knocking away! Within those next two hours, we had met 15 people, taught 8 lessons and left with 10 new investigators! It was so amazing, the Spirit was so strong all night and there was only one person we met who didn't want to talk and slammed the door in our face. Miracle! I feel so lucky to have had that evening- the Lord showed us what we are capable of and now we just need to help these people to baptism! Please please please keep us in your prayers, we're having trouble getting our investigators to progress but we know that if we continue with faith that we will see miracles. We visited with the Adeeb family again last night and I just love them so much. They teach us a lot about what is going on in Egypt and last night as they were explaining what the Islamic people are like and what happening there, I just start thinking of the Book of Mormon and the Lamanites. It just blew me away last night as they were talking to us- that the Lord knew these things would happen in our days and provided us with this record that we could learn from. The Book of Mormon is so real and my testimony of it grows so much everyday being here. The Adeeb's daughter Maria and her mother read in the Book of Mormon and they invited us to come more often to read with them. Keep this family in their prayers- especially their father Ibrahim. If they only took more time to read and to learn of the gospel, I know they would know the truth of these things so strongly. Ibrahim has a hard time focusing on anything but what's going on in Egypt AND he works full time and he drives everyone around and he doesn't speak English so he can only listen to the BOM in Arabic  so keep him in your prayers.
(This is me and my companions at the temple with our District Leaders and our favorite- Sister Clarke)

Last night we had dinner with Sister Barnes who has two daughters on missions right now and it was so much fun because she invited the Bowers over too and the Elders. It was so much fun! First of all- the Bowers are amazing- Brother Bowers is a hoot. Second of all, Sister Bowers brought her parents and her mom sat next to me during dinner and we were just in our little corner laughing our heads off for an hour. Before we left I told her that I feel like I've met my future self and I love her SO MUCH! She was so cute and wanted to ride with us on our way back to our next appointment and just sat and cracked jokes and talked about The Middle and Paul Newman with us. I want her to be my new best friend, I love her so much. Her and her husband aren't members...YET. We'll see what happens soon ;)

I love y'all so much and miss y'all so much! I have such a true testimony that I KNOW that this is truly the restored Church and Gospel of Jesus Christ- how lucky we are to have it on the earth at his time. How lucky we are to have modern day prophets and know that the Lord has not forgotten us. I hope y'all have such a beautiful Easter and take the time to really think about what we are celebrating. The Atonement and Crucifixion of Christ would mean nothing without the Resurrection. 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true, I know this with all my heart.

Hermana Knight

(This is one of the cat gangs at the trailer park)

(more photos of us at the temple with Sister Clark)

(This is me with my "Toddlers and Tiaras face")

(This is a lovely Coors Beer Easter package at Krogers - ha ha)

(Our favorite trailer park on Cheyenne Blvd.  We joke that in our mission calls it says "You have been called to serve in the Old Hickory Trailer Park Mission.....")

(This cat followed us for 35 minutes. We named him Binx.  We finally found his house and gave his owners a   Book of Mormon- hopefully Binx will be baptized soon...)

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