Monday, March 18, 2013

Hola everyone!


  I could just cry right now thinking about how hard this week has been. I could just cry thinking about how amazing this week has been. I found out early- missions are hard. Really hard. BUT miracles are real. Very real.

This week Sister Clark and I were on a split and were knocking doors and we knocked on Angel's door. Angel immediately let us in and started bearing testimony of her love of Christ. She also shared with us all of the things she has been going through in her life. Angel has had a rough life. Really rough. She had to hit rock bottom a couple months ago to come unto her Heavenly Father and Christ. We just sat in her kitchen for over an hour as her and I took turns sharing our experiences and our testimony of Christ while completely balling our eyes out. I don't know if I have ever felt so connected to someone within 10 minutes. She is just so broken and every time I think or pray about her I just know that of all things right now, she needs the constant companion of the Holy Ghost so badly. Last night I bore testimony that I know wasn't coming from me-as I was speaking to her with tears running down my face I just knew that through the Spirit, her brother Christ was speaking to her asking her to come unto Him. I feel the love that Christ has for her so much that it hurts and I just hurt so badly for her and the things that she has been put through in her life. But there is SO much joy because I know that I can share with her exactly what she needs. We talked of baptism and the Holy Ghost last night and she said she just felt so much peace as we were praying about those things together. Keep Angel in your prayers. We visit with her again on Wednesday.

Sister Miner and Sister Hendrickson were knocking doors the same time Sister Clark and I were that day and they met Rosie and Donald- the cutest old Catholic couple who weren't very receptive at first but the second the Sisters stepped into their home they just opened right up I guess! Sister Miner went on a split last night to visit them and guess what? Donald read the entire Book of Mormon since they had been there Wednesday! I always hear of those things happening but never believe them! I get to meet them on Wednesday and I'm so excited! So keep Rosie and Donald in your prayers too! Especially Donald because his health hasn't been so great lately.

Brothers and Sisters, the Atonement is real. The love our Savior has for us is truly infinite, I have the amazing blessing of feeling this love that He has for each and every person I come across and it is overwhelming. "I know that my Redeemer lives, what COMFORT this sweet sentence gives."  There is so much comfort, so much joy, so much peace and so much hope in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This gospel is true. Why are we not sharing it with every single person we come across every day? Why would we not share it with those that we love? Share this knowledge and love with everyone through your actions and through your testimony. Never be afraid to share your testimony to others- it is something so powerful that the Lord needs you to share.

I love all of you SO SO much and I feel your love and support everyday.

Sister Haley Knight

P.S. I'm getting a lot of my hair cut off right now- don't get mad dad- It'll grow back by the time I get back. Also we are going to have a fierce of dodge ball and four square today! I'm so excited! pray that I don't get hit in the head because that ALWAYS seems to happen!

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