Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hola! Hello everyone!

Our last day with President and Sister McKee

-just us gals- we love our trio!

Hello everyone,

This week has been so nuts but so amazing! We have met so many amazing people and have met so many more Hispanics to teach!

We had a really powerful and sweet zone meeting with the McKee family (our mission president). It's been really really hard saying goodbye to them. This family and their service have changed me forever and I will always be grateful.

We just found out that none of us will be leaving this transfer! Paducah forever! Also, we will be getting our own apartment finally this week and we can't wait! 5 Sister missionaries in one apartment is just a little too much!

I had an experience this week that confirmed to me even more that the Plan of Salvation is so real. Heavenly Father really does have a plan for us and I know with all my heart that we all lived together with him and our Savior Jesus Christ before this life. I know that many of us were friends before we came here and we are so lucky that our paths have crossed in this life!

Brothers and Sisters, I know that this is Christ's true church. I know that many of you know this as well and I pose a question for you: what are you willing to do with that knowledge? Knowing what Joseph Smith and the early saints did and sacrificed to bring this gospel to us in these Latter-Days, what are you willing to sacrifice and do to do the same for others? Knowing of your Savior and all that He did to provide a way for us to return to our Heavenly Father and be with our families forever, how can you help others receive the blessings of eternal life?

The Lord needs us to be loving but bold at this time.

I love you all so much!

Hermana Knight

This is me at the LaRoe's house with their 123 chickens! -and holding their kitten.

We found an abandoned train...
I actually got my feet on both sides of the tracks! 

The food that a bunch of random Hispanic men cooked for us at the park! I ate cactus and it was kind of good! and I started their fire for them! -thanks to my scoutmaster dad :-)

Typical Kentucky it here!

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