Monday, July 15, 2013

Hola mi familia y amigos!

Hello!!! This week has been so fabulous! We had a zone conference with President and Sister Andersen last Thursday and it was such a pleasure to meet them and to hear of their strong testimonies! They are going to be so amazing here in the Tennessee Nashville Mission aka the best mission in the whole world! When they were called into President Eyring's office to accept their call, he told them that they would be in one of the most marvelous missions in the church. I'm not biased people- this really is the greatest mission- even President Eyring thinks so!

Luiz is still doing amazing! He took time off from work yesterday to come to sacrament and Sister Ihler gave an incredible talk in Spanish! It was so perfect! The Pastor family is really learning a lot as new members in the church and their son Manuel is really changing and we feel like he will make the decision to be baptized soon!

We had an experience this week that really testified to me the power of the Priesthood. We are so so so so blessed to have that power restored to the earth. Let us learn to use it as much as possible and to find more faith in this gift. I was able to receive a Priesthood blessing from one of the Elders after a bad experience and it was so incredible. I truly felt my Savior and Heavenly Father with me and knew that the words the Elder was speaking were not his own but my Heavenly Father's.

Paducah is still amazing and I'm having the time of my life!

I love y'all so much!

Hermana Knight

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