Monday, September 9, 2013

Hola! Our Heritage...

This week has been pretty good! We got to do a lot of service for people in the ward and really got to know those members better. I love how service does that!

Jose is still doing wonderful! He has his baptismal interview this Thursday after our Zone Conference and I am so excited for him! I love the Pastor family so so much and I love that we get to spend so much time there teaching Jose. Me siento que Domingo y Santa son mi tia y tio ahora - y Anna es mi prima! Mi espanol es major pero necesito aprender mucho mas!! Tendremos una conferencia de espanol en una semana y no puedo esperar!( I feel that Domingo and Santa are my aunt and uncle now- and Anna is my cousin!  My Spanish is best but I need to learn much more!  We will have a Spanish Conference in a week and I can't wait!)

Tenemos muchos amigos quien quiren aprender sobre el evangelio de Cristo! Ojala podemos conocer mas amigos esta semana. Tenemos una noche de familia esta noche y no pudeo esperar porque muchas familias del barrio estaran aqui con nuestros amigos Hispanicos tambien! Debe estar mucho divertido.

(We have lots of friends who want to learn about the Gospel of Christ!  Hopefully we can meet more friends this week.  We have a family night tonight and I can't wait because many families
will be here with our friends also it's in a Hispanic neighborhood!  It should be lots of fun.)

Queiro compartir una parte en 'Our Heritage' que me encanta... (I want to share a part of "Our Heritage" that I love:)

"During President McKay’s administration, the seeds for the growth of the Church in Asia were planted by Church members serving in the armed forces. A young private from American Fork, Utah, serving in South Korea, noticed that United States soldiers who met Korean civilians made the Koreans jump aside off the path while the soldiers passed by. The young Church member, in contrast, moved aside and let the Koreans use the paths. He also made an effort to learn their names and greeted them pleasantly as he passed by. One day he entered the mess hall with five of his friends. The line to get the food was very long, so he waited at a table for a time. Soon a Korean worker appeared with a tray of food. Pointing to the one stripe on his arm, the soldier said, “You can’t serve me. I’m only a private.” The Korean replied, “I serve you. You are Number One Christian.”

By 1967 missionaries and servicemen had been so effective in teaching the gospel in Korea that the Book of Mormon was translated into the Korean language and stakes and wards soon dotted that land."

I love this story and the simplicity of what this young member did to be an example. It's incredible to read how the gospel was brought into Korea. It makes me wonder about other parts of the world and the effect that members and missionaries will soon be having as new missions are opening. What are we doing in our own areas to help the church grow and reach all of those who have been prepared for the gospel? Are you taking advantage of the Missionaries you have (in a good way) and finding people for them to teach? Or going on exchanges with them? What are you doing to help the Lord's servants fulfill the will of the Lord in the part of His vineyard that you live in?
I challenge you this week to prayerfully find one way that you can be a better example to others and find one new way that you can be helping the Missionaries that serve in your ward with the Lord's precious work.

I love you all so so much and am grateful for all of your examples and testimonies in my life.
Hasta Ver,

Hermana Knight

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