Monday, September 30, 2013

The latest from Paducah

Hola everybody,

This past week has been CRAZY full of miracles!!!! We set 6 baptism dates within 5 days!!! Keep Paducah Spanish in your prayers! The Lord has shown us this week that He clearly wants a Spanish Branch here and he has clearly prepared the people here. We just need to work really hard and be good teachers! We've learned a lot this past week of how we can be better teachers and what things we truly need to be teaching those to come closer to Christ.

A 12 year old boy Sam in our ward was bit by a Cotton Mouth snake Thursday morning and was rushed to the hospital. It was really really bad but the power of the Priesthood is real and their family saw a lot of miracles happen that day and Sam is okay now. He didn't lose his hand and he should heal okay!

We finally got our translation equipment in!!!!! It's so beautiful! Domingo was thrilled on Sunday when he was finally able to understand what everyone is saying during sacrament! I ended up being the one to translate and the Lord showed me that the gift of tongues is REAL! My Spanish was in no way perfect but everything just flowed and I was able to keep up with what everyone was saying. It was such a miracle! I love this language!

I hope all of you have had time to look at or read the book The Power of Everyday Missionaries. It is incredible!!! There is a story that happened in a branch by Harvard in the 1990's that Clayton M. Christensen shares. There was a branch that instead of counting who attended sacrament, they would count who didn't! They would then each have an assignment to go and visit one of those less-actives and invite them to church! Also, the members would sit there and not only think of what members weren't there but they would think about who of their friends weren't there because they had never been invited to church and learned of the gospel. This Branch started with 12 members and within a few short years grew to 120 as they took the time to go and bring back those who weren't there and invite others. I want to ask the members of our church, what are you doing to help bring other's into the gospel? Are you taking notice of those that aren't at church and setting time aside to go and visit them and let them know that they are loved and that they are needed? I would like to invite all of you, I would like to challenge all of you, to go to church in two weeks and take notice of someone who is not there and take the time to go and visit with them. I promise you will receive countless joy and blessings as you make efforts to build up the kingdom of our Heavenly Father.

I also invite all of you to think of a question to have in your heart as you watch conference. How blessed we are to have a Prophet of God in our day. How blessed we are to know that God has not shut the windows of heaven and that He is still communicating with us through personal revelation and through His living day prophets. Take part of this blessing and set time aside to listen to their words because they are truly the words of our Heavenly Father and Savior specifically for us in our day and with our own personal needs.

I love you all so much. Thank you for all of your prayers, love and support!

Hermana Knight

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