Monday, October 28, 2013

It's Finally FALL!

So the leaves are FINALLY starting to change here which has been so pretty but I'm still a little disappointed. Utah Falls are still my favorite!

This week has been so crazy and so incredible! This weekend was so amazing because we worked really hard but it was so natural and so catered to me that I didn't even feel like a missionary! For instance, the English Sisters and us were walking around downtown singing to random people and we saw this old man sitting by himself outside the Whaler's Catch restaurant. As we started talking to him he invited us to come and eat with him. We told him we would think about it while we sang him a song. After the song he invited us again and we all looked each other for 30 seconds and then decided yes! He was this cute man named Jack in his 80's and his wife passed away 3 years ago. It was so fun sitting and talking with him over AMAZING New Orleans food! I had shrimp gumbo and a crab cake and listened to Jack and his adventures in Hong Kong and Italy. At the end of the meal we bore testimony of the Book of Mormon and he invited the Sisters to come and see him. I was able to bear testimony that I know he would feel closer to his wife Fran as he read and the spirit was so strong.

Yesterday we had 4 friends come to church for the Primary Program and it was awesome!!!!!!!!! We had two families that are investigating, and two less actives that we love SO much come to the Fall Festival on Friday! It was so much fun! The members really made Ivan feel welcome and his children had so much fun! Hna Idso was so good at helping the Pastor's neighbors (Who they invited and brought!) Isabella and Estella and their children be involved in the activities going on. One of the less active's that came also brought a friend with them! These people are amazing! It was a wonderful evening and it really helped the ward be more involved with the people that we teach! We're hoping to have more activities like that in the future!

We have been SO busy in this area! We always have someone to see and somewhere we can stop by! It is absolutely incredible to look back 6 months ago, remember the helpless feeling Hna Ihler and I had as we started from absolutely nothing and then look at what has transpired since! THERE WILL BE A SPANISH BRANCH IN PADUCAH SOON! Our Bishop and councilors pulled us aside yesterday and told us that they feel the exact same way and that they see the Hispanic members growing rapidly soon. I feel like Paducah is like a cup full to the brim and it's about to spill over! Miracles have been happening everyday and I know that we will start seeing a lot more soon- all 6 of us missionaries here. Paducah is a very special place.

I want all of you to know how much I LOVE being a missionary and being a part of the Lord's work. I have NEVER been so happy in my life. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true of Jesus Christ here on this earth.

I love you all so so much and hope you have such a fun Halloween!

Hermana Knight

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