Monday, October 7, 2013

Holy Conference!

(Here's our Hispanic group watching conference! Jose and Joel are on the right and the Pastors are on the left)

Wasn't General Conference so amazing?! I loved Saturday's Session and I especially loved Elder Dube's talk. I'm putting a link to it under here so whoever didn't see it can watch!

It was so powerful to hear the words of the Prophet and Apostles as they were calling us to call come together in the Lord's work. Now is the time for the members and the full-time missionaries to truly work together! I can bear testimony that without the help of members, this work is impossible! I am so grateful for the members in the ward here who help us and so I can only imagine how grateful the Missionaries in your wards are when you help them!

Sunday morning session we had our two friends Jose Antonio and Joel come- it was a miracle! We were able to give them a church tour after and the Spirit was really strong as we took them into the Chapel and talked about the Sacrament. The Pastor family was also watching with us Sunday and Domingo LOVED it! He asked us if he could get it on DVD so he could watch it again! I hope we all appreciate and value the messages we receive through Conference just as new members do!

We've been focusing our efforts on helping those we teach truly pray and read on their own. There are 3 people in particular that we have been teaching for months and they never seemed to truly be doing these things on their own but last week when we visited them, they pulled out their Book of Mormon and discussed the questions they had and how they were able to receive answers from the words of the ancient prophets. Marabel even had a notepad she had written all of her questions and answers down! I can bear testimony that the Book of Mormon can answer every question we could have either through it's words or through personal revelation we can receive through the Holy Ghost. It's been really neat to see how that truth has played a huge part in other's lives and their pursuit to come closer to Christ.

Saturday night the Sister's had a baptism for their friend Luis. It was beautiful and the Spirit was so strong. As Sister Larsen was sharing her talk about the Holy Ghost the tornado sirens went off! They went off the entire 10 minutes she was speaking and everyone's phones were going crazy! Luckily, the tornado didn't hit Paducah but we did have flash floods that evening! It rained like crazy! As far as I know it didn't leave too much damage. Just lots of rain puddles!

This week for Zone PDay we are going to the Wickliffe Mounds where they have tons of Indian artifacts! I am so excited!! It 30 minutes of me convincing one of our Zone Leaders it was a good idea and other Elders to tell him that they didn't want to play sports all day either and so we're all so excited! Except of the Elders that wanted to play sports but they can suck it up because that's all we ever do every month! Hopefully I'll have some way cool pictures next week!

I love you all so much!!

Hermana Knight
These are all of the kittens I was sitting next to at Family Home Evening with the McCraws last night! Kitten Heaven! The black one is Elvis. 

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