Monday, December 16, 2013

Chopped Wood and Bodas!

Hola! This past week has been so much fun!

Monday we went to Sergio's house and made little snowmen with him and his nephew and nieces, it was so fun! His sister really warmed up to us and she made us these cute lil bracelets made out of soda caps! Sergio is doing great! We had dinner with him two different times this week with different members and it gave him a chance to get to know people outside of church and it gave the members a chance to explain more of our beliefs from a "normal" person's view- not just a missionary. We really cannot do this work without members! You better all be helping your missionaries wherever you are! Sergio came to church and stayed for a baptismal service afterwards and he really enjoyed it! We're hoping to get him reading from the Book of Mormon more this week!

We had our Christmas Zone Conference on Thursday and Brother Morgan from my first area came and spoke and it was SO amazing! He addressed the Sisters by ourselves and talked about our need to be perfect. It was really exactly what I needed because as a missionary I always get down on myself and feel like I'm not good enough. The whole point of Brother Morgan's discussion was that God does not expect us to be perfect, He only expects us to try and give our all. He also talked about how we are all rugged stones that get tossed here and there to someday be made into smooth stones. That is what trials and problems give us- they chip off the rugged pieces. At the end of our discussion I just felt so great because he helped us to focus more on our strengths and gifts that we've been given individually and to use those everyday rather than focusing on what we're not good at and obsessing over it. I don't know why we tend to do that as woman but I think we all need to be reminded of these things from time to time!

Our ward party was on Friday and they did an old Jerusalem theme so it all looked so cool! We had a lot of fun and we sang Feliz Navidad for everyone haha.

On Saturday we went and chopped wood with our favorite family the Kinleys and it was so fun! My body still hurts from it but it was so fun! The ax was so heavy that I could barely lift it but once I got enough momentum I was able to swing it over my head and I split some wood. You should be impressed! The Kinelys had a lot of entertainment that morning watching us! I also chased and caught one of their chickens to throw back in the coop and that was fun too. I love being in the country! Later on the Kinelys took us to their work Christmas party. It was so fun, we watched Santa arrive in a Chinook (Spelling Dad? the big helicopter in the military) It was fun seeing all of the service men with their families. I am so grateful for what they do to keep us safe. 

Later Saturday night one of our members Pablo had his wedding reception and it was so fun! We ate tons of food and danced with Hermana Macario and Whitson, it was a hoot! Everyone had a good time and Pablo and his wife Lilia are so cute together! They met on his mission- he taught her! He was saying how weird it was going from "Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized?" two years ago and then going to "Will you marry me?" a few months ago haha. Our investigators Avelino and Elias came to the boda (wedding) and they had a lot of fun too!

Hermana Carrell is leaving me tomorrow and going home  :(   I'm grateful for the time I had to serve with her and learned a lot. I'm grateful that I was able to be such good friends with one of my companions. A lot of time I would forget that we were missionaries because it was just so natural being with each other and being with all of our friends here! My new companion is Hermana Stricklin and I will be meeting her tomorrow! 

A member in our area gave us a little baby Christmas tree to put up and I'm so happy to have it! We hung little baby stockings by it so now it actually kind of feels like home! My sweet mother sent me my stocking from home and so when I get that and put it up, then it will REALLY feel like Christmas. It's really not hard being away from my family this year because I have so many people here that I love that have become my Kentucky family :) AND I get to do the Lord's work and help so many people come close to Him so I couldn't be anywhere better than here or doing anything as amazing!

I love all of y'all so much!

Hermana Knight

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