Monday, December 9, 2013

Freezing Rain and lots of Tamales!

Hermana Carrell and me - Christmas crafts at the Smiths

Hola mi familia! This past week was so random but good! This letter is going to be long and jumbled up- sorry! (But I'm not)

Sister Carlisle's cute Christmas tree!

We spent Monday night at the Polluck's house and that was really fun! They're such an awesome family. They had a big Family Home Evening on Monday that Sergio and Julianna came to and they had a lot of fun- we played Bunko and guess who won?? Oh ya, me! 

Our FHE Bunko game at the Pollucks!

Brother Polluck photo-bombing our all girls photo
 Sister Brown, Carrell, Waldrop, and Pollock! We all ate and played games during the storm

We learned how to make tamales with two different investigators this week and it was so much fun! We were with Julianna on Tuesday and Rosa on Thursday and they both make amazing food! Tamales are so much work! I'm definitely no expert yet but maybe someday I'll be better and be able to throw down a mean tamale for my family! 

Making tamales with Rosa

We had our last District Meeting on Wednesday and it was so sad because I don't want Hermana Carrell to leave! We had exchanges that day with some other English sisters and when I was out with Sister Johnson we saw so many miracles! After an afternoon of teaching a woman who I thought dropped us and finding a new Hispanic family to teach, we drove past a woman who got into a car accident and I felt like we needed to go back and see if she was okay. Once we started talking to her, her daughter walked up and immediately asked, "Are you Mormons?" When we replied yes she said, "I thought so because anytime anything bad happens, two Mormon people always show up!" Yep, that would be us missionaries! I am glad people recognize that we are on the Lord's errand! Afterwards we had a fun Spanish FHE where we acted out the good Samaritan and ate doughnuts and drank hot chocolate!

My district

This past weekend we had "freezing rain", which I had never even heard of before! We were pretty much in all weekend because the roads were all ice and our tires are bald. No one here knows how to drive in ice or snow so the town just shuts down during storms.  Hermana Carrell and I were both kind of sick so we took advantage of our time indoors by eating and sleeping and sleeping and eating! We also had a really good lesson over the phone with our investigator Sergio who is awesome! On Friday since the ward party was cancelled and we couldn't drive the Pollucks brought us over with some other members and we played a massive intense game of Phase 10 and I definitely did not win that game! 

Our freezing car!

Saturday night we went to the Smith's apartment across from ours and we played more Phase 10 and made some really cute Christmas crafts! Sister Smith is the cutest! I am SO grateful they chose to come out and serve with us- they contribute SO SO much to the work here! For all you Senior couples who are considering serving a mission- GO! We need you, the Lord needs you!

We had a combined sacrament meeting on Sunday with another branch and no other meetings! Sergio came to sacrament meeting for the 3rd time since we started teaching him AND he came to the Christmas Devotional last night! We had a really good lesson with him and the Elders afterwards and I feel like he is soaking everything up like a sponge and loving it. He said that ever since he started talking to us and coming to church that he has had a really calm feeling in his life. We're going over to his house tonight to do a Christmas activity with him and his sabrinos! It should be fun!

I LOVED the Christmas Devotional last night. I am so grateful that the Church helps us remember the true meaning of Christmas through words of our Prophet and other leaders of the church. The music was so beautiful and my favorite talk was from Elder Nelson. We have begun to share Christmas messages when we are in people's homes and the Spirit is always so strong when we read of Jesus Christ's birth. It's one of my favorite stories and I am so grateful to have the record of when the world received a Savior. I am grateful that our Heavenly Father prepared such a beautiful plan for us and that Jesus Christ volunteered to be our Savior. I am grateful for this time of year we have to be reminded of the miracle of His birth. 

I am SO grateful for my time here representing Jesus Christ and standing shoulder to shoulder with Him in His great work. I will never forget the experiences and the things I have felt at this time. I love all of you so much!

Hermana Knight

Setting up for the ward christmas party that was postponed
Hundreds of birds flying around in that tree freaking out before the storm hit again!

Hermana Carrell and Vianney!

 The good Samaritan play at church.

Gracie is one of my favorite little girls here!

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