Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Back to Nashville & Archie and the puffed up birds

Sister Fears and me
Us with Lilia

Us with the Aguero family!!! We're going to miss them! Pablo taught and baptized Lilia and when he got home they got married!!! She and her cute son Andy moved here from Mississippi a few months ago, we love them! They're expecting!

I LOVE Andy...and he loves me :)

Dearest family and friends,

I feel like I'm going to rip my hair out because I have so much to do! BECAUSE.....we are being white washed! We got the call Saturday night that we're both leaving! Ah! So much to do to prepare the area to be handed over! Too many people that we love that we don't want to fall through the cracks once we leave! Hermana Stricklin is going to Shelbyville Tn and I am going to....Nashville!!! I am SO excited!! I will be with Hermana Schmidt and we're actually white washing Providencia B which has been the Spanish Elder's area up until now! It will be a lot of work but so much fun! I am excited for this change but I will really miss the people here in Hopkinsville. Goodbyes are so so hard!

One cool story I want to share and then I have to go! There is a family who are recent converts and when I first met them I loved them but they were a lil rough around the edges- which makes them so fun! Anyways, we had dinner with them last night and I was brought to tears listening to the father talk to us about the things that he has come to feel and know in these last few weeks. The transformation I have seen in this man in just 4 months is indescribable. He is the truest example I have ever seen of the gospel truly changing people. He is so humble and so ready to lean more to God's understanding now, rather than his own. I could never put into words what I have seen happen in this man. I know that the gospel truly helps us become the best we can be. It has the power to change our lives and truly better ourselves.

I love y'all so much and I will have more to share next week!
I love you!

(Also, I'm going to miss our favorite window knocker, Archie!  He and all the other birds are puffed up now that it's so cold!  He showed up the other day and the top of his head looked funny...hope it was just wet)
Archie just wanted to make sure that we're okay...going to miss him....
...maybe he'll follow me to Nashville....

Until next week in Nashville,

Hermana Knight

The Hopkinsville District as of last week....
Us with Amber and Aiden
...one more with Dave as well....
Me and Sister Duplechain....I'm going to miss her SO much!
I met this lady at McDonalds and told her I loved her sweater and she said I can have it! She got my number and said she would call me when she comes back into town!! Wahoo!!!
Me and two of the Kinley girls...I made them these headbands :) They wore them to school the next day!
They have the 10 Commandments everywhere here!
I gave Carolyn the headband I didn't need- she loved it and wore it to church the next day!

Now for some fun stuff:

 Us having fun at the International Festival
Hermana Stricklin with her cute lamb hat Sister Bodkin made her!
 We got iPads!

...And Finally....
Us with Patriarch Fears

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