Tuesday, March 4, 2014

iPads and a better understanding of the Priesthood

To Stand With Valiant Heart

Hola! This is going to be short this week!

I had a wonderful interview with President Andersen this past week and that same day WE GOT IPADS!!!! It's crazy that the First Presidency truly trusts our mission to not only be on Facebook but to also have iPads now! I'm excited to think of ways I can enhance the work with an iPad! We used it last night to show a Bible video to our friend Mark (who is doing amazing!) and the spirit was so strong as we watched the life of our Savior. It's such a blessing to have iPads, we missionaries just need to be careful that they don't become distractions!

This week it's really hit be how important it is that God restored the authority or power to act in His name- the priesthood. Someone we were teaching compared themselves to us- because he was sharing his testimony with another guy- and it was amazing but at the same time I realized that there is a difference between us and him talking about Christ. We have been set apart at this time by the literal power and authority to preach His true gospel. I need to be more true to that privilege and my calling at this time.

We had a huge storm last night so we've been snowed in all day! It's super weird. I didn't even bothered getting dressed and have been in my pjs all day!

Two funny stories that happened last night: we were leaving a member's home with an investigator after having a lesson with them. It was nighttime and I looked down at what I thought was a stick and was about to kick it when I realized it was.... A deer leg! I immediately let out a squeek and ran away! Then we were walking to our car and there was ANOTHER one in the grass- hoof and all! Our investigator laughed as I danced around freaking out. What the heck? Did a werewolf come through or something? Or the chupacabra??

Another night we were at our investigator's house and they have cockroaches sometimes. Most houses do here- cockroaches are a huge problem here! They never usually bother me but this one night as we were reading from the Book of Mormon I looked down and I saw one on my hand! I have an insane fear of spiders so I immediately assumed it was a spider and jumped up freaking out dancing around Jesus' living room screaming "¡araƱa!" He just laughed his head off and I was so embarrassed when I realized it was a cockroach. Then I felt bad because I never want people to feel bad for having bug problems! Such is the life of a missionary!

I am grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and this time I have to teach others of His restored gospel- a gospel based upon love.

Hope y'all have a good week!!!

Hermanita Knight!

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