Monday, March 17, 2014

West Nash is where its at!


Guess what! I LOVE my new area!!
I miss Hopkinsville s'darn much but I absolutely love West Nashville! I love our zone! I'm currently listening to Sister Hulmes play the piano and am in Heaven!

Local BBQ- lots of them here.

My new companion is Hermana Schmidt, we started off in the MTC together and we love each other! We both have "lived some life" and were in and out of activity in the church growing up. I definitely feel like Heavenly Father put us together for a reason. She's a super hard worker and she is always so happy and nice!

We have a lot of work to do because to be honest.......I have no idea what the Elders have been doing here :) There is one family that they were teaching that are amazing so we are so grateful for that! The wife and daughter are so incredible and are so in tune with the spirit.

We have been SO busy contacting these past few days! We have been tracking on the streets, in stores and knocking on some doors! Guess how many new investigators we have found in 5 days? 13! West Nashville is a dream come true! Saturday night we just went to Publix, Walmart and Ross and met so many cool people! Tons of the Hispanics here are from Honduras- it's crazy! They all have been offering to feed us so I'm going to have to be really actually doing my morning work outs to stay in shape!

We want to try working towards creating a Spanish group that would meet at the Green Hills building since Haywood is so far from our area! The members in our area and our ward mission leader is on board so now we just need to talk to our other leaders first and see what they think.

We had a really crazy miracle with a less active English sister in our area! Elder Byington called and gave us the name of a less active who lives with Hispanics and said he would give us her address another day. Well Saturday we were contacting and we met a man named Robert waiting for his ride to work and talked to him for a minute. Right before he left he told us to go talk to his girlfriend who speaks English and pointed us to his apartment. We went and knocked and it was the less active Alisa! She was so excited to see us and we are seeing her tomorrow! Miracle!

Guess what I forgot to tell you last week? Sergio is getting baptized!! He's our friend that we've been teaching for a few months now! Super cool guy and super prepared for the gospel! Two weeks ago we were in the middle of going over 3 Nephi 27 with him and he started talking about the true gospel of Jesus Christ and what we must do to return to our Father in Heaven. The Spirit was so strong as he explained to us his understanding of what he must do. We then watched the Mormon Message "Road to Demascus" and he felt the Spirit so strong that he was almost in tears. I got iPad out and pulled up the calender and gave it to him to pick out the day he wanted to be baptized. He chose March 22nd which we later found out is his birthday! One thing I learned from this experience was that the Book of Mormon is so powerful. I know it was 3 Nephi 27 that truly helped him make this decision for himself and feel closer to Christ. I love that book!

Hopefully I can find a ride to be there Saturday for his baptism!! Say a lil prayer for me!

End of story is that I love this area and even when I get super tired and don't know if I can keep contacting, every time I make the decision to keep pressing on, Heavenly Father puts someone amazing in our path. I've been working in changing some habits to be completely obedient and I have felt so much more confident in the work and in myself since I've been better! If you read my most recent blog for the mission, you would know that I haven't always been the most obedient person but I'm grateful that the mission has taught me to be grateful for the commandments and guidelines that Heavenly Father has so lovingly given me. I love being obedient! (Something I never dreamed myself saying!) 

So our area is humongous! We cover pretty much the whole west side of Nashville! Part of our area is downtown- woohoo! We haven't ventured too far away from our apartment except for today. We don't have the car this week so we got bus passes! We woke up at 5:45 this morning to make it to our mission choir practice by 9! It was so worth it though!
I love singing and I am so grateful that I love close enough to be in it now! We are performing in different places Easter weekend- including a Catholic Church! Our prelude song is from the Lamb of God musical and it made me so happy! I love this area! Also, my aunt Anne emailed me that her nephew goes to Vanderbilt so I got permission from President to meet up with my distant cousin sometime and talk about mission life since he's leaving to go to Moscow in a few months! Such a small world- I love it!

Till next week,

Hermana Knight

Some kids we met while tracting

Below: Eating sushi for the first time in forever! It was okay....Above:  Lucy is a nice skater now!

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