Monday, May 19, 2014

Homemade Pico de Gallo and Lil Big Miracles

Hola! This week was awesome!

Tuesday we went to the temple with Alisa and had a lesson with her on temple grounds. It was such a spiritual and sacred experience! We went out for shakes afterwards for her birthday, it was such a great day with her!

One of our investigators had their baby and she is so cute! Lil Jacki was born on Mother's Day and looks like a little doll!

Had interviews with President Andersen and they were great! Except right before we walked in some people messaged me on Facebook and told me about the fires back home so when Sister Andersen and I sat down to talk and she asked me how I was doing I started crying and told her I was scared that my dog was going to die in the fire! She so sweetly told me that my dog would be okay and I laughed through my tears, realizing how ridiculous I sounded, and thanked her. It was crazy seeing papers everywhere with photos of giant fires and the name if my hometown, San Marcos, in the title! I'm glad to hear that they have been contained and that my sweet family provided a place of comfort for people who were evacuated.

We had a crazy lil miracle on Friday! So Thursday night I was going through the phone and saw a name I didn't recognize and asked an old missionary who it was and found out she was being taught a lot before the Elders stopped seeing her bc she was so busy! Well we decided to try and find her Friday and we showed up at 7:30 one was home, BUT her neighbor is a less active part member family! So we went and had a beautiful lesson about the temple with the parents and Hermana Reyes was talking about her son and how she wishes he would have interest in God but he's NEVER home for us to try and talk to and who walks in the door? Her son Alex! His friend's car broke down so he came home early and we had such an amazing conversation with him! When we asked the ward about him before, everyone told us good luck- but he was the one asking us all of the questions and it was incredible how the gospel resolved all of his concerns with God. We are hopefully seeing him soon!

Saturday we had a blast serving at the little pantry and dropped off chocolate covered strawberries that we made for the Aguilar family's party that night. We then headed off to a baptism in McMinneville of someone that Hermana Schmit taught and it was such a beautiful baptism!!

Ericka was just glowing and she shared her testimony before the meeting closed and it was the sweetest and most powerful thing I have ever heard! I got to surprise Hna Idso who serves there and it was so good to see her face and talk to her! I want to serve in that area, it's awesome!

Yesterday we were bummed that no one we were teaching could make it to church and then Hermano Elias walks in and introduces us to his neighbor that he brought who wanted to meet with us and take the lessons! Miracle! I LOVE when members are a part of the work and find people to bring into the gospel- do you know who loves that more though? Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! This is what President Monson was talking about in October! We need to all be working together in the work of The Lord!

I have a challenge for all of you! So, I sadly come home in 8 weeks and I invite each and everyone of you to invite someone to church before I get back! Even if they decline, you succeeded in inviting!
Will you do it?? Will you invite a friend to church and introduce them to the missionaries? I promise you will be extremely blessed and you will experience so much joy as you stand shoulder to shoulder with your Savior!

I love you!

Hermana Knight

 My new and favorite ice cream place

Elder Shiner and Hermana Idso and I at a baptism that I went to in McMinnville with Hermana Schmidt!

 News of the San Marcos, CA fires
For: my dad.  Old church in Nashville - he likes old architecture buildings and houses

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