Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Let the Spirit be your guide!

Hola! This is going to be a quick one!

We had a strange week, I think the adversary is really working on us, especially as we get really close to the end!

We had a really cool experience where we completely threw our plans aside one day and decided to just follow the promptings from the Spirit. We ended up downtime then we both felt like we should be in Vanderbilt even though there are zero Hispanics there! Well we got off the buss at a random stop in Vanderbilt and I felt like we just needed to walk up this hill, turn, cross the street and wall back down on the other side. We had no idea why but we did it and the second we crossed the street and started to walk back we ran into one of our friends from the pantry who just walked out of a building and were able to get to know her better and get her info! We walked away with our minds blown! It is unreal how much the Spirit can guide you if you just trust in Heavenly Father!

We had some really good lessons with Victor and Elvin! Found out our friend Lorena who had a baptismal date really isn't interested anymore- bummer! But we met some new people who we are excited to visit this week!

Saturday we had exchanges and Hermana Schmit went to a baptism in McMinneville and I got to hang out with my bestie Hermana Knecht in Madison! We just sat and talked in her apartment bc she was recovering from food poisoning! It was so nice to have time to just talk, catch up and help one another with our struggles.

Sunday was a miracle! Our investigator Elvin, who had a bad experience at church last month, came back! And he brought a friend! And towards the end of sacrament I looked back and almost fell out of my seat when I saw Adriana, Sergio, Itahy and little Melody! It was awesome! We had 5 amazing investigators at church!

I was able to skype into a baptism for my friend Humberto in Paducah!
It was so awesome to be a part of it and it was soooo amazing seeing all of my loved ones there! My heart kept as I talked to the Pastors, McCradys and Luis! I am so excited that Humberto had enough faith to change jobs so he could start coming to church and get baptized! He is incredible and he was just glowing after his baptism!

I had a beautiful dinner with the Donaldsons last night and then we skyped our families! It was so rejuvenating to talk to the people I love- to see their faces and hear their voices! I was so thrilled to see my sweet mom and wish her a happy Mother's Day! She is the best mom ever and I could never have asked for a better woman to raise me and be apart of my life forever! It was so fun seeing lil Gwen as she made lil baby noises and watching Connor and Porter tumbling around on their couch! I love my family and I am so grateful I got to talk to all of them and feel their love!!!

I feel like I have new energy for the next two months! I feel so lucky to still have sometime to serve and learn from my calling and those I teach and love!

We went downtown today and it was boring...

I love being a missionary!! The gospel changes lives!

Hermana Knight

Mother's Day with the Aguilars!

Olimpia and  below is her son Darian.  Love them!


 That's Melody walking around with that thing on her head. She cracks me up, always up to something crazy.

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