Monday, April 1, 2013

All I want is to be a missionary....

I LOVE THE SOUTH!!!!! Oh my goodness, I feel so lucky to be here every single day. The people here are so lovely and so crazy and so fun and so amazing. The people have such an incredible testimony of Jesus Christ here.

This last week has been so amazing. Last Wednesday the Elders were giving us a ride into Whitehouse and all of a sudden Elder Clark mentioned that he sees this Buddhist statue on this hill everyday and has always wanted to find out what it was. We all have noticed it and have been curious so Elder Clark hurried and turned to go up to the hill. This sweet man came out and invited us inside of the building. Little did we know that it was actually a Buddhist temple and that he was a Buddhist monk! He was so sweet and took us to the room of the house that was the temple and taught us about the Gods that they had statues of and showed us the food that he keeps in the corner for homeless people. He banged the gong for us a couple times and then he was kind enough to teach us how to meditate. It was probably one of my favorite parts of my mission so far- sitting in this little beautiful room sitting in a circle around this little monk mediating for about five minutes. (I opened my eyes for one second and saw poor little Elder George looking as awkward as can be- he had no idea what he was supposed to be doing ha ha)  The monk had such insightful things to share with us and we actually ended up giving him a Book of Mormon! He happily took it and said he really wants to read it but his English isn't that good- so we ordered one in Vietnamese and are going to drop it off sometime this week :) He was so sweet and let us take pictures with him in the temple.

Later that same day we went over to Rosie and Donalds and watched 17 Miracles with them. It was my first time seeing it and I cried SO much. Rosie was a hoot because she was getting way into it and making cute comments here and there. I would look over at Donald often to find him with tears in his eyes, the Spirit was SO incredibly strong. The Spirit is so strong in Donald, he just hasn't fully realized it yet- he has a hard time because of his physical sicknesses. Keep him in your prayers, he and Rosie are so special to us. After our movie and lesson we had a brother from our ward who was giving us a ride come in and give him a priesthood blessing of comfort- it was such a special moment. After we left I was brought to tears throughout that whole evening because of the Spirit that I felt with them that day. The Lord is so kind to allow me to feel the love that he has for the people here that we serve.

Last Thursday we didn't have any appointments set up so we decided to knock all day in the apartments right next to ours. We had a copy of the new Bible video of Christ's last days on the earth. We met so many amazing people that day and the Spirit was so strong every time we watched the video or we shared a message of the hope and miracle of Christ's resurrection.

One funny story from that day:  We met two woman standing outside of their car and showed them the Easter video and one of them,Tina, started crying because she felt the Spirit really strong and felt bad because she admitted that she was totally judging us when we first approached them. Then her friend,Yolanda, started shaking her and telling her she felt the Holy Spirit and she kept chattering her teeth at her telling her to feel the Spirit- then we asked if we could pray with them and while I was in the middle of the prayer Yolanda stands behind Tina and starts shaking her and mumbling and it scared the bajeebers out of me but I just kept on praying and she didn't stop until I did. That was my first experience with a Pentecostal and it was interesting.....

I love you all so much! This is the true church of Christ that he restored to this earth. I feel the truth of it everyday.

I have to run but I hope all is well!

Hermana Knight

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