Monday, April 22, 2013

HOLA from Kentucky

Whoa my goodness, I'm in Kentucky! I'm in Kentucky? I'm in Kentucky! This is so crazy because when I came in  just a couple months ago, we Hermanas were told that we would probably never be outside of Tennessee because they don't have any Hermanas anywhere else. But guess what? President feels at this time that he needs to put Spanish Sisters in Paducah and we'll kind of be the guinea pigs and see what can happen in two transfers. So, as far as I know, Hermana Ihler and I are the first Spanish Sisters to serve in this area! We are opening and white washing the area. Way crazy. A lot of work. I feel SO lost...But I know that the Lord has called us here for a reason and there is work to be done! We are in the Paducah ward with another set of sisters(who we live with) and another set of Elders. (Our zone leaders) One of the Zone Leaders was in the Madison Zone with me so it's nice to have one familiar face! Everyone is kind of confused as to why there are Spanish speaking missionaries in this area but we have found so many Hispanic families in just the 5 days we've been here! We're not sure how interested any of them are but we know that they are here and need the gospel! We have met one investigator- Lesley- not hispanic- but AMAZING!! We taught her last night and the spirit was SOO strong and the Lord has truly prepared her for the Gospel. I feel so strongly that she will soon be getting baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Christ's true church once again restored to the earth. What a great message we have to share with others! God loves us so much that he's restored his Beloved Son's church and gospel to the earth! We have the power of the priesthood on the earth again! It's incredible!

Last Tuesday was a hoot because I showed up to the Mission Office with Hna Hendrickson and Garlitz and sweet Sister Morgan who drove us and all of my stuff. Within seconds I was rushed into like a 5 minute trainer meeting and then within another 5 minutes President McKee was talking to us and filling us with incredible uplifting words. Then five minutes later sweet Hermana Ihler opened her call and read outloud that she had been called to serve in the Paducah Spanish area with Hermana Knight wooooooooooo I ran up and gave her a hug and then Elder Hunt took our picture! Then we were off to pick up a bike for her at the mission home since we would be sharing a car and needed another mode of transportation. Next the Assistants loaded us up in the giant van with the trailer attatched and took us to Jimmy John's for lunch. Over the next 8.5 hours we traveled all over Tennessee and Kentucky dropping off supplies and dropping off two other Hermanas to their new area and playing road trip games and talking about just about everything before we arrived in lil ole Paducah Kentucky and were shown upstairs where we slept on two little mats from the mission home. Oh and one more cool fact- When I asked Elder Hunt(Senior Missionary in charge of the supplies) where our phone was he replied, "You don't have one!" We were told we would be receiving one in the mail soon but as of right now.....we just send smoke signals because it's not here yet! It's so fun! We walked for 2.5 hours Saturday to get somewhere that only takes 10 minutes to drive. Love it! As we walked across the bridge that goes over the highway I held up my Book of Mormon and waved at everyone. Love it! I have no idea what I'm doing but I love it. Everyday is an adventure and I know that the Lord will help us see his vision for this area as we remain obedient and faithful.

I got an update from Hna Hendrickson today- Rosie will be getting baptized May 24th, her mom's birthday! I am SO excited and will definitely be looking for a ride over there so I can be there. Keep her in your prayers, I know the adversary will work hard on her as prepares herself for baptism.

Always remember to be hopeful and faithful in our Lord and Savior. He is the way- He is the only way to eternal happiness. He is the only way to living with our Heavenly Father once again and being together with our families forever. The Atonement is so real in our lives, never forget to turn to our brother Christ and let him help you. He is ALWAYS waiting to help us in every way possible.

I love all of you so much. I feel your prayers and love everyday, thank you so so much.

Hermana Knight

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