Monday, April 8, 2013

This is me and Tootsie, the cat that was in our parking lot so we let it in our apartment for a little bit so we could pretend we had a pet!

Hola mi amigos y familia! 
    Como estan? Yo pienso sobre Ustedes diariamente! Estoy tratando hablar en espanol siempre pero hablo en ingles para Ustedes! Conference was soo soo beautiful! I found myself practically weeping during the first session on Saturday because the Spirit was so strong and I received so much peace and so many answers that I had been in need of. Conference is such a beautiful blessing and I hope that all of you partook of the miracle it is! It is a miracle and an incredible blessing to have modern day prophets and apostles and that we get to hear from them in such a marvelous way twice a year. 

I have no time but I'm going to hurry and sum this week up!

Tuesday- we were sticking peeps to the Elder's apartment door (because it was April fools week) when three giant trucks and cars come roaring around the corner and a swat team jumps out- I got so scared and thought in my head- they're only peeps! Then the SWAT team continued to go to the apartment across from us and started banging on the door with their little door banging thing and it was a sight to see! Gotta love living in the ghetto! 

We were lucky enough to have our first ever Spanish Conference last Thursday and it was amazing! Every single spanish speaking missionary was there so I got to see my beloved Hermana Knecht! We received special training pertaining to our call as Spanish speaking and it was so helpful and I am so grateful. Later that evening we went to a member's house from the Spanish branch for dinner. We sat and talked to Sandra about General Conference and the blessing it is to hear from the Prophet when a man from the other room yelled "Profetas?" and came in kind of trying to bible bash us. It was so incredible because Hna Hendrickson stood her ground and did such an amazing job of sharing her testimony of modern day Prophets and the most incredible thing we were both sharing the message of the restoration he (Armindo) was looking in our bible to try and show us something and I could physically see him begin to feel the Spirit as we spoke and he slowly closed the bible and handed it back to us. He just sat and listened and I could feel the Spirit testifying truths to him. Hna Hendrickson began to talk to Sandra's husband as I walked over to the other side of the small kitchen and began to talk to Armindo. I felt the Spirit asking him questions through me and I shared Alma 5:26 and with the Spirit being so strong I asked him "Can you feel it now? Can you feel a change of heart within you?" He humbly shook his head yes. We spoke some more and we left him with a Book of Mormon. It is such a blessing to truly be used as an instrument in the Lord's hands. Later that night we went to knock on Joanne's door but she wasn't home BUT her grandson and his three friends were outside talking and smoking. We begun to talk to them and began talking about the Book of Mormon when I felt this incredible feeling again- I was testifying of the Book of Mormon and I just felt the Spirit of the Lord telling me what I was to say and how. I will never forget that evening, I think that was the first time here on my mission where I could feel the power that has been given to me at this time to preach our Savior's gospel and share his message of hope and love. 

Brothers and Sisters, I hope that you paid attention to the words of our Prophet and Apostles this weekend. I hope you paid attention to what you felt. I hope you paid attention because everything that was said and unsaid was for you specifically- these people prepared these words especially for you. I had moments where I could feel my Savior speaking directly to me. That is why Conference is such an incredible blessing. I hope you read over these talks and listen again and again because there is such power in their words, such a power to help you in your life.  The things I felt during those two days were so special and so sacred. I will never forget what I learned and felt and I hope you won't either.

Thank you for your constant love and support. I feel it everyday. God be with you all.

Hermana Knight

Elder George and Elder Clark- such great Elders! 

Tootsie cuddling with Hermana Miner!

(Just playing with some dandelions for my workout this morning!)

(our favorite Monk again)

(our favorite missionary couple- the Sassers)

(Brother Ruiz in our branch got married)

This is me showing y'all their Sports Stadium down here!

Tootsie does not like having his picture taken :-)

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